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17 December 2009 @ 03:12 pm
Working was something that i was really looking forward to when coming back home for break but now that i'm back and it's been almost a week i'm already sick of it. NO offense subway. I love mt co-workers but im just exhausted and i need a break which is why i'm glad i have tomorrow off. It is Cass and I's one year anniversary. Not technically but it is the day i said yes to her and so we have decided to count it as our anniversary. I am excited to celebrate it with her. We are going to go to the Science Museum down town Saint Paul and also go to Olive Garden for desert.Should be fun.

At home i have been cleaning up, organizing and watching movies or house. I've enjoyed it alright so far because Cass has been here with me but after saturday i'll be all alone and it's not really something i'm looking forward to. I mean some alone time is nice but it's scary in my house sometimes. I'll have to keep myself occupied.

I'm really happy because this past semester of college i got all A's! It's a huge accomplishment for me because i've never done it before. I am very proud of myself. I miss my friends in winona but i don't really miss school. Just miss being busy because it gets pretty boring having nothing to do.

Well i'm sitting at Caribou cause i got off work at two and i think i'll go home and enjoy a short nap. Hope everyone is well!


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08 December 2009 @ 11:20 pm
You know how sometimes you really just want to lock yourself in a room by yourself and just relax and not worry about anything or anyone? Just enjoy the silence or the darkness of the room without hearing all the laughter and voices that come at you so loudly. That's how i feel lately. I think it's just irritation from school and people being loud during quiet hours. What can you really do though. Ok I'll keep it short. Write later.

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08 December 2009 @ 04:36 pm
Almost forgot to add these. As most of you know i almost always have some kind of Obsession. Most recent one's that i can think of...

Last school year it was MAMMA MIA and Meryl Streep. I went through a time of buying a million of her movies and trying to see them all but just this year got SOOO busy that i kind of stopped it though i still love Meryl, and MAMMA MIA.

Second one is The L Word (Again) I had a friend start watching it and so i ended up watching all the seasons i owned again and got the fifth and six ones. It's definitely one of my favorite shows..

Third one is HOUSE, same friend that i got watching The L Word got me watching house and i can't stop watching it now. I started with the first season and now i'm almost on the third!

I know there is more but i can't think anymore.. just finished my last final!! YAY!

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08 December 2009 @ 02:45 pm
So i'm sitting in the library bored right now waiting to take my final at 3:30 today. My last final for the semester. I'm pretty sure that this semester has gone by really fast. It was a hard semester but i've gotten through it and been through a lot. I'm hoping that i will get like all A's or B's in my classes this semester. For sure i have 2 A's already so that makes me really happy. I just want these tests and stuff to be over so that i can go home and work and have a break from Winona and from school. I really just want to go home and work, though i know it will be more than that. I'll probably have to clean and organize things while I'm there too! hehe

I'm still working at Subway. It's pretty exciting. I miss working and i think it will be interesting to see all the new people that we have working since i've left. I miss my co-workers and my manager. I miss the customers that come in everyday to ask how things are going. Lol. We shall see.

I'm also excited to go home because we live in a new house now. We got it this past summer. Well actually my grandparents bought it and we rent it from them. It's a pretty nice place though it's not in the best of neighborhoods.But i have my own room and that is very nice.

I also have a girlfriend, Cassandra.We've almost been together for a year which is very exciting. She lived with me this past summer and is currently my roommate this year in the apartment that i'm living in. We also have a new random roommate this year named Erica. She is very nice and super funny. I'm glad that we got someone like her as a apartment mate.

I'm really excited for Christmas and i can't wait for this year to be over to start again. I have to say that i love school and am glad i'm here i just hate the debt that i'm getting into by going here. I hate that school is so freaking expensive and i wish that i just had the money to pay it off instead of all these loans.

Well i guess i better get to studying pretty soon for this last final. It's on the last half (6) of books that we read for the class and i pretty much know all of it. We have to identify what the story the quotes are from and then we have to like write the significance of the paragraph that he gives us to the story and everything. The trick will be the short stories. The hardest thing will be remembering all the names. After this final i'll be going home here in Winona and finishing up my laundry. I need to start packing for break so i'll probably start doing that as well and tomorrow if the weather isn't too bad with all this snow Cassandra and i will be driving back to Saint Paul when she is done with her finals. I'll just need to sell my books back.

So i'm glad i remembered to come here and write something. I always say this but i really should come on here more often and rant!

Hope everyone has a fun holiday season!!!

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06 December 2008 @ 12:06 am
HEY guys!! Just so you know i have a blog for my poetry and stuff. People never really look at it so i thought i'd post the link here too!

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22 November 2008 @ 04:03 pm
Hey! You can get a free laptop or money for christmas stuff and get some free stuff!! All you have to do is click on this link: http://www.laptop.givafree.com/en/?refID=LP3054

I have a close friend that received a laptop from this site for free a couple of days ago!! Check it out! Thanks!
03 November 2008 @ 03:08 pm
So im going to try and throw a lot in here. I have not been on in a while. So im back at Winona for my sophmore year and it's going well so far. I am Treasurer of the Winona State University French Club this year which is great and i just added an Englsih Creative Writing minor onto my education.

Halloween was a lot of fun i dressed up as what people called me to be a DIVA:

I just finished watching the first episode of 30Rock from this season in which Megan Mullally guest stared and it was hilarious! Very funny and im glad that i got to see it.

Since i was here last i've gotten addicted to Grey's Anatomy. I still love CSI and i love watching stupid movies..

I saw Mamma Mia this summer and it was FABBBBBBB!!!!!! Can't wait until the DVD comes out.

Talk to you soon!!!!!

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01 April 2008 @ 09:49 pm
BRITT & I @ Ellens Diner!


Britt & I with our shirts

Meeting up with Kelly.

Fun times!


Excited much?

OMG Megan Mullally!

Megan Mullally *sighs*

After the show:

So many good times. There are a few!!! <3
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01 April 2008 @ 09:19 pm
Ok so im in a crazy mood right now. Ok so last week i went to NYC to see Megan Mullally & SMP in concert and it was amazing. Brittany & I (Britt is my twin) were wearing matching shirts and we were like yelling and stuff and so Megan was like someone needs attention... and ill give it to you!! And we like freaked out it was so funny because she was definitely talking to us. We took lots of Videos and pictures and i was just so shocked that i got to see her. Amazing.
Anyway so that whole day before i was hanging out with Britt. Kelly was supposed to get in at like 1 but then she didn't get in until like 3 or 4 so Britt and i met up with her kinda by the Rockefeller Building. Radio city i think it was and then we went to the NBC store and got some things. I didn't but Britt & Kelly did.
So then after that we went searching for Will & Grace buildings that were on the show and we started out looking for the Karen Waler Mansion. Didn't find it though. Darn.. We were also singing and dancing on the sidewalk and it was so much fun. Then later we seperated from Kellys aunt and we went to walk around and stuff and we talked and stuff. When we went to Vinyl for Dinner it was really busy so then we went to this pizza place and definitely were in there for ever!! Talking about random stuff and had a medium pizza that we did not finish anyway. So then Kelly went to the bathroom and Britt and i took random pictures with our napkins in our shirts.. Good times.

So then after the dinner we were walking to the theatre. Britt & I did this crazy vid that Kelly took of us being really excited for the concert and it is amazing. It makes my life!!!

Anyway so then we got to the theatre and there were Mullallypops there!!
I was so excited to meet everyone and i took pics and all that GOOD STUFF.
They had Megan Mullally spelt wrong on the sign outside and Rawley and all those people told the guys inside but they didn't change it.. LOL
I also met this girl named Leah and she was really cool. She was like a member of the pops & madames but didn't really go on but she was really nice. Good times.

So then was the concert and we were taking pics in there and we saw Sutton Foster and we were trying to tell Kelly but she had the hardest time understnading what we were trying to tell her so we called her and told her. So funny!! Loved the look on her face, ehat Sutton Foster?? Hehe

So the show was amazing and that night after the show we walked Britt to Port Authority and then we walked Kelly to the hotel and then we walked a really really far distance to our hotel. My feet hurt after that.. Oooh. I was so tired i went to bed like right away almost.

So the next day was tuesdaY!!! Yay, we left the hotel and went to walgreens. We took the subway to by Central Park and then Kelly called me so i left to go meet up with her and then we met by Radio City again. So then we went to Toys r us and went on the ferris wheel and then walked around a bunch and went to stores and then we went to Port Authority and sat there for like 2 hours waiting for Britt and just talked about random stuff. W&G, Megan and all that fun stuff. I enjoyed it. ANd i bought MORE Magazine cause Helen Mirren was on the cover. Then Britt came and we went to the Store and got Pictures printed out for MEgan and got flowers and waited for megan. I got to talk to Sutton and it was funny cause Britt was like you wanna hear something funny and she had her listen to her text message thing which is Roll in the hay. She was like OH GOD and then we all laughed about it. It was basically amazing and Sutton is really sweet, Anyway the security guy said Megan wasn't coming so Britt left and Kelly & I walked to the other side. I have her the flowers and a hug and went and ate at Pax, the restaurant next to the Hilton theatre. It was yummy as usual. Then i met up with mom & drew at Port Authority and realized that i had forgotten to give Britt my Helen book. OH NO. So then there was that whole thing which was sad. So i didn't end up getting it to her. And then on the shuttle back (which was so long) I cried. I was so sad to be leaving New York and leaving my friends. I had the time of my life and i will never forget it!!!!
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